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Lori wrote on February 11,2018
Hi I met you today at the T Marie market today. I'm looking for the list of classes but, can't figure out where to find them. It was nice to meet you and your husband today.


Johan wrote on February 7,2018 about this piece
This very little sea treasure found by me while on a walk around the shoreline. The real sea glass is encompassed on a totally sterling silver and hand completed back plate. Measures a 1/2 long and goes with a sterling silver chain. needle up under the string leaving a similar dot the needle3 just left. Try not to pull all the string through...allowing a circle to go the needle through. Presently pull it through and the circle fixes into a half-hitch tie.

robertcorey wrote on February 1,2018 about this piece
Glad to see this collection of Sterling Silver Earrings.Beautiful and fashionable.I like it and happy to share this

custom essay writing service wrote on February 1,2018 about this piece
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Smitha802 wrote on June 9,2016
It's a mammoth playground built of mountains, hills, lakes, kaffbbfefcdcckef

marc and hanna from CH-Sitzerland wrote on March 30,2011
Great pics and jewelry ! WIll come over shopping one day ... the form, color and presentation is so much you!!!

Danielle wrote on July 29,2010
I love the chain and dog tag with cz you made for me!!! Love it!!!

John Sparozixh wrote on July 24,2010
Nice work....

Hope you get a bunch of requests for your designs.